Friday, September 28, 2007

23 At Last:)

Well this has been an interesting experience that I may not done had it not been put to us as a challenge...I have learned a lot..At times it was easy..but had I not had help from my co-workers..(Especially Debbie Ruth who cheered me on the entire way..Thanks Deb:)I wouldn't have made it!!!


I opened a account and listened part of "Sisterchicks on the Loose"...I can see this being helpful to someone who's hours do not allow them to visit the library when it is open...I like to listen to books on cds,but usually when I'm driving ...I don't think that I would like to spend my time sitting at the computer listening to a recorded book..


I really enjoyed MEEZ...It just boggels my mind that you can do sooo much with this...Creating an Avatar was FUN:)Library Thing was fun to...


Podcast I looked @ several and think maybe this would be okey if you liked being on the internet at all hours of the day...But it's not something that I think I would use..

You Tube

This is me finishing 23 things:)I liked this You Tube...The hardest part for me was finding a password that hadn't already been taken...


I like this site it allows you to create photo albums of say family events,publish manuscripts by uploading the information or even create training moduales...

Zoho Writer

This is a test to see how Zoho really works... I think this would work well if I had something of interest to write about...Right now I'm just trying to finish 23 Things..I understand the convience of being able to access this program from anywhere..:)